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What is Zanzibar Youth Football Academy?


Zanzibar Youth Football Academy is an opportunity for young Zanzibaries to play football and be part of an educational sports-community. The youth are provided with qualified football training but also English lessons, which enhances their opportunities for further education and/or for finding a job in the future.


When we play football, we exercise not only our bodies, but also our minds. We learn about discipline and of what it takes to reach a goal. But more importantly we get to know each other and learn how to work together as a team no matter what family we come from or what religion we might believe in.


The vision is that through the Academy, the youth are provided with an activity that is healthy and can be an escape from the feeling many young Zanzibaries have of being trapped in boredom and lack of opportunity. The Academy is a platform where the youth can experience togetherness, selfworth, academic and physical progress, motivation, passion, and hope! It is a place where the youth can use their passion for football to develop a range of important skills that will improve their opportunities of getting a job as well as realizing their own individual goals and potentials.


Who are we?


Zanzibar Youth Football Academy is founded by local football-loving Zanzibaries, who were themselves missing an opportunity to play real football and develop their skills, when they were kids. The academy is our way of giving the younger generation a chance to do what we wish we could have done when we were younger: to follow their passion! - and to use the motivation that comes with doing what they love to improve their future opportunities in life. 


The local founders have joined forces with Danish friends who have helped develop the academy further and ZYFA is today a Zanzibary-Danish international nongovernmental organization.

 'Sport can create hope where once there was only despair'

-Nielson Mandela 

Our Vision

To build community, selfworth and awareness, to encourage participation, to prevent frustration, conflict and drug abuse and to contribute to ending racism and social disadvantage among youth in Zanzibar 


Our Mission

    Our Mission

To provide Zanzibary youth with an educational  sports-community where the youth can develop multiple skills and improve their opportunities in life all the while they are doing what they love the most. 

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