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Zanzibar Youth Football Academy

Ærtevej 9, 2700 Brønshøj, Denmark  |   0045-91712132

Board of Directors 

Chairperson: Sidsel Maria Hummelgren

Sidsel holds a Master in International Development Studies and Cultural Encounters. In addition, she has a diploma in project management and a certificate in intercultural leadership.

She has previously worked as an intercultural consultant, teacher and project manager in both Denmark and Zanzibar.  


phone: 0045-91712132

Deputy chairperson: Shahdust Hashim Murad

Shahdust is the mastermind behind the Zanzibar Youth Football Academy. He was born and raised in Zanzibar and therefore has a sublime understanding of the local community in Stonetown (the largest city on Zanzibar).

He works as a manager at a guesthouse in the heart of Stonetown and in addition as a diving instructor. His great passion is football, which he plays every day. During weekends he works on a voluntary basis as a football trainer for local kids in Stonetown.

Contact: phone: + 255 629316780 

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